Save the Date for Community Meetings Aug. 31 and Sept. 2

Salton Sea Management Program Update – August 11, 2021

Also: Chair Selected for Independent Review Panel Studying Water Importation; Progress Continues on Species Conservation Habitat Project


Save the Date for Community Meetings Aug. 31 and Sept. 2

The Salton Sea Management Program is hosting two virtual community meetings August 31 and September 2 to share updates and hear from residents.

The meetings provide an opportunity to share experiences, meet new members of the SSMP team, hear from experts about the process to study proposals to import water to the Salton Sea and learn more about the long-range planning process the state is launching this summer.

Afternoon and evening meetings are planned so more people can attend. Spanish interpretation will be provided. The August 31 meeting begins at 2 p.m., while the September 2 meeting begins at 5:30 p.m.

Attendees will be able to access the meetings over Zoom, Facebook Live, or call in by telephone (888-278-0296, access code 596019). For more information, visit or email

Chair Selected for Independent Review Panel Studying Water Importation

Dr. Rominder Suri, professor and chair of Temple University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will serve as chair of the Independent Review Panel evaluating long-term water import strategies for Salton Sea restoration.

Suri’s leadership from his academic tenure, as well as his National Science Foundation-funded Water and Environmental Technology (WET) Center, give him extensive experience in working with interest groups and facilitating collaborative processes. His work with the USAID-funded Egyptian Center of Excellence for Water has placed him in international settings where diplomacy, as well as technical expertise, are required.

Suri has published papers on water treatment processes. He has studied traditional and novel treatment techniques. His work has resulted in building treatment facilities in Brazil and Ireland. Water quality impacts will be an important consideration in the evaluation of seawater importation concepts for long-term restoration of the Salton Sea.

As the chair of the independent review panel, his duties will include the selection of panel nominees, leading the drafting of reports, setting agendas for and managing all meetings, and supervising all votes and deliberations by the panel.

The water importation concepts will be reviewed by the panel’s experts. The panel will hold its first meeting this fall. At that time, members of the public can share opinions and information about sea water importation options.

Suri will attend the August 31 and September 2 community meetings to provide additional information about the water importation feasibility study.

Progress Continues on Species Conservation Habitat Project

Work continues on the Species Conservation Habitat (SCH) Project with the continuing excavation of an interception ditch to the west and east of the New River and the connection to additional agricultural drains.

Design work for the balance of the project will continue into November.

The SCH Project is at the southern end of the Salton Sea. As the state’s first large-scale project, it will create a network of ponds and wetlands to provide important fish and bird habitat. Also, it will suppress dust emissions, improving air quality as the Salton Sea continues to recede. The project will cover more than 4,100 acres and is expected to be completed in 2023.


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