Roundtable Discussion on Salton Sea Set for May 25

Salton Sea Management Program Update – May 24, 2021

Join a roundtable discussion Tuesday, May 25, from 1 to 2 p.m., about the Salton Sea’s future, community engagement, and new funding opportunities. The roundtable is organized by Audubon California, Pacific Institute, Comite Civico del Valle and others.

California Natural Resources Agency Secretary Wade Crowfoot will be part of the roundtable. It will be moderated by the Los Angeles Time’s Sammy Roth. Other panel members featured are Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, State Water Resources Control Board Chair Joaquin Esquivel, and North Shore youth advocate Adriana Torres.

The event will be streamed on Facebook in English at

The event will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube in Spanish at and also at

Recruiting for SSMP Leadership Positions

The SSMP team is recruiting for key positions to help advance the state’s commitment to deliver projects at the Salton Sea.

The California Natural Resources Agency is recruiting for a deputy assistant secretary to provide essential leadership and coordination of SSMP activities on a variety of policy and science-related issues. The position will be located near the Sea in Imperial or Riverside County. The deadline for applications is June 4 and details can be found at the following postings:

In addition, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is recruiting for its Salton Sea program manager. The deadline for applications is June 4.

The career executive assignment (CEA A) is responsible for performing high-level coordination, implementation oversight, and ensuring the Salton Sea Management Program (SSMP) and habitat conservation in and around the Salton Sea meet state policy objectives. The position will act as the CDFW’s lead for the Salton Sea planning effort and will manage budget and personnel resources for the Salton Sea program.


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