Friday, July 21, 2017

Conceptual Plans

SSA Preferred Plan of Record

• Preferred Alternate Report and Funding Plan
• Adopted Plan
• ExecutiveSummary and Full Plan

Other Plans

• Cagle, F. Environmental impacts associated with the construction and operation of an enhanced evaporation system to contrl salinity of the Salton Sea: 11.
• Keene, C. (2000). Evaluation of potential environmental impacts of the export and discharge of Salton Sea water to the Gulf of California or Pacific Ocean: 12.
• Salton River proposal: Statement by USFilter.

Salton Sea Authority, U.S. Department of the Interior, et al. (2000). Draft- Salton Sea restoration project environmental impact statement/ environmental impact report.
• Stephens, D. (1999). Environmental effects of the no action alternative for Salton Sea limnology and fisheries: 11.
• Stephens, D. (1999). Environmental Impacts associated with construction and operation of evaporation ponds to control salinity of the Salton Sea: 16.
• USFilter The Salton River desalination solution: A solution proposed by USFilter.
• Pacific Institute (2001). A proposal to preserve and enhance habitat at the Salton Sea, Pacific Institute: 8.

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